P.O.S. for Yacht Clubs, Boat Clubs,

Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, Social Clubs & More

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This isn't a canned Powerpoint you have to suffer through. This is the real deal. Live, from your own computer at your own convenience.  

POS, Membership, Billing, Pre-paid or Charge, PCI Credit Card Compliant, Member Sales History, Inventory Usage, Timeclock, Full Back-office. Everything is Fully Integrated.

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Track all Sales & Usage.

Non-profit doesn't mean lose money.

POS Membership Database Ties all Member activity together.

Automatically Combines P.O.S. tickets,

Dues, Fees, Events, assessments, etc.

Food & Beverage

Membership Database

Automated Billing

Member Database

Member Types

Member Sales

Member Billing

Member Invoices

Member Statements

Member Dues Fees HOA

Member Debit Option

Members Minimums

Member Carry-forward

Member Discounts

Member Balance Lookup

Member Pay on Account

Member Guest Charges

Member Card Turn-off

Member Pay on Account

Member Credit Card On File

Sales Analysis

Menu Costing

Inventory Track


Happy Hours

Labor Cost Control




Everything is included.

We provide all hardware, software, setup, training & support.

PCI Credit Card

Remote From Home

Void, Disc., Comps

Split Check, items

Sep Checks

Auto Gratuity

Suggest Gratuity

Guest Passes

Track Member Sales

Dues, Fees, Rentals,

Classes, Guest Billing  

Condo & HOA Billing

Temp Guest Accounts

Fuel Price Levels

Slip Billing

Slip Management

Event Management

Quickbooks Interface

Integrate Slips

Integrate Fuel Sales

Integrate Ship's Store

Integrate Events

Tablet Options

Member Cards


Patio & Pool Service

Keep Credit Cards On File

Remote Access

Volunteer Job Training



NO Terminal Fees

Tie Members & Guests to Slip Assignments & Billing.

Quickbooks Inteface or use our

Built-in Accounting.

Outdoor Wireless Touchscreens & Tablets

Tie the Whole Property Together.

Wired or Wireless

Tie the Whole Property Together.

Use Member Cards or Simply Touch on Member Name. Tracks Everything.

Portable Generic or Touch Dynamic Tablets also use your Member Database.

Sell Fuel from the Dock and Tie to Member Prices or Guest Prices.

Fully Integrated and runs as

Same or Seperate Entity.

Event Planning, Inventory, Billing, Room Scheduling and/or sell from the POS.

Meets PCI Requirements. Automatic Payments & Track Guests on Property.

Securely Logon to the Club and

Work from Home, if allowed.

1:1 On-line Training

Available whenver you need it.

Everyone has some unique needs.

Reports, functions, integrations, etc.


Bar Touchscreens

Server Stations




Golf Course

Harbor or Marina Station

Ship’s Store

Pro Shop

Retail Sales

General Ledger

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable



QuickBooks Interface opt.

E-Z On-line Demonstration

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email info@dineamics.com,

or send us a request (below).

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New !!!

Secure Member Web Portal.

Members can Login to see Invoices, Dues, Fees, Statements and make payments on their account.

Also has Event signup and even your E-commerece site

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