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Keep Credit Cards On File

Meets PCI Requirements. Automatic Payments & Track Guests on Property.

Credit Cards are Fully Encypted & Authorized Immediately from "The Cloud".

NEW: Keep Credit Cards "On File" (PCI Compliant at the Processor).

Use for Members or Guests.

Use to Auto-pay Member Statements, if they choose.

Pay POS ticket at time of the sale without even swiping a card!

Let Guests come on proprty, be assigned an "all day account" tied to a new or existing credit card, make any purchases under their name and all is tied to the credit card. They can even forget to check-out and you'll be covered.

Member Bar tabs can be started using a Member Card on file.

Guest Bar tabs can be started with one swipe, then handed back.

No more stacking Credit Cards behind the register.

Guests can keep a Card on File for return visits.


Tablets allow for On-screen signatures

or Touchscreens will print chits to sign.

Use for Credit Cards and/or Membership Accounts.